• E-Instruction Information

    Welcome to distance learning!  I’m very excited and look forward to this challenge.  I hope you are also ready for this wonderful opportunity to grow and learn how to adapt to learning with technology.  This situation can also serve as a really powerful life (Social Studies) lesson.  We are literally in the middle of one of most difficult and uncharted events in history!  Here’s what to expect in the next two months. 

    1. We have at least 7-8 weeks of E-Instruction.
    2. Attendance is mandatory and it is based on the completion of your work each week.
    3. Work will be listed at the beginning of the week. You are required to complete it by the following Friday.  For example:  ALL the work for the week of April 13 will be due April 17.  It will be graded and updated onto PowerSchool by Friday April 24.
    4. 4th Quarter academic performance will be reported using the CHS traditional grading system. However, there will be no final exams for Spring of 2020.
    5. If you are taking an AP course AP tests are still being administered

    Online Office Hours

    I will hold Two days of E-office hours each week. The office hours will be open to everyone.  They are not mandatory but I encourage you to participate if you have questions on any assignments.  This week office hours will be   

    • The days and times might change depending on how many students participate.

    Contact Information


    Helpful Outside Links

    1. Canvas - Location where daily assignments and videos will be located.

    2. Discovery Education Techbook - Online Geometry textbook.

    3. Khan Academy - Online resource of videos, activities, and assessments for AP World History and World Cultures 

    4. Google Sign in - Back up location for all assignments via email or google classroom.

    5. Nearpod - Student access to certain lessons and warm ups.

     Tech Support

    CASD Tech Support Page - Please reach out if you have any technology problems that our school district support can help with (i.e. logging in to school Canvas or PowerSchool etc.).

    Canvas Support Page - Please check the support/help page through Canvas if you are having any trouble with the Canvas website.

    Google Support Page - Please check the support/help page through Google if you are having any trouble with the Google website or Google Suite of apps.