Title I Program

  • Here’s a brief summary of what we do every day with this program.

    Phonemic Awareness—Practice lots of activities through the use of spoken words.  Such activites include changing, deleting, substituting, adding sounds to spoken words.  
    Sound/Spelling Patterns- This includes how we write the sounds we hear in words.  These activities vary depending on what teachers are working on in the classrooms.
    VocabularyIn grades K-1, we will be working on High Frequency Words using the "Read, Spell, Write" routine.  In grades 2-4, we will be reviewing words taught in the classroom through the use of pictures, providing examples, and offering synonyms and antonyms for each word.
    Decodable/Leveled Reading- Students will be reading stories that reinforce the sound/spelling patterns that are practiced during our group.  In addition, they will be working on reading texts at their level through our program, Reading A-Z, and Read Works.
    Comprehension- All skills will be reinforced based on what your children are learning in their classrooms.