• Transportation Department

    David Cressman
    Transportation Supervisor
    610-264-3192; extension 2 
    Fax- 610-403-1061

    850 Pine Street
    Located at the Catasauqua Middle School complex
    Catasauqua, PA  18032


    CALL 610-264-3192; ext. 2  if your child does NOT need transportation that day or email

    How to get your child's bus info:

    You may view your student's bus information by logging into PowerSchool and look for "Bus Information".  Bus info is not available on the PowerSchool app.  Bus info will also be emailed to the email address registered in PowerSchool.

    Act 372

    (form for non-public and charter school transportation requests)

    Please use the link below to fill out the request form:

    Link to Act 372 Google Form

    During COVID, the following rules may be enforced:

    -ALL students will wear a mask while on the vehicle

    -ALL students will have assigned seats

    -ALL students shall not have any food or drink on the vehicle

    -There may be 2-3 students per seat on a bus

    -ALL students will have 1 pickup and drop off point daily - there will be no Monday at day care, Tuesday at bus stop, etc.

    -Depending on how many students are in the vehicle, double runs may be needed, which would stagger drop off and pick up times at schools.  If a student misses the first run bus, they may not catch the 2nd run bus.

    -All buses and vans will be disinfected after each run.

    -If a child does not feel well or has a fever, please keep the child home.  They will not be allowed in a vehicle if they tell the driver they do not feel well or have a fever.

    -ALL students may also have a bus pass.  If there is no bus pass, please inform the transportation office.

    SCHOOL PROJECTS:  The district requests that parents/guardians transport their child to and from school when the child’s project is to be transported and the project is too large to fit into the child’s backpack/workbag or when the project contains liquids or moving objects.  School buses do not have storage areas, and therefore, we cannot guarantee that a project will not be damaged during the bus ride.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

    There will be times during the school year when one of our buses will break down or some other event may cause one of our buses to be unable to maintain its schedule.  We ask your indulgence when these situations arise.  If time permits, we will try to notify all students in advance.  It is also important that all students be at their respective bus stops at least five (5) minutes before their scheduled pick-up timeThis procedure will allow our drivers to maintain their scheduled pick-up time for each bus stop.  In addition, if our buses are running late in the morning, and there has been no previous notification by radio or other means, please instruct your children to wait at least fifteen (15) minutes after their scheduled pick-up time before they return to their homes.

     Students Shall:

    1. All students must ride the bus assigned to them by the Transportation Department unless written notification from parent/guardian is received and approved by the Transportation Department at least 3 hours prior to the end of that school day.
    3. Remain in their seats until their destination has been reached, and the bus is stopped.
    4. Sit in assigned seats, if the driver finds such a procedure necessary.
    5. Face forward at all times while the bus is in motion.
    6. Avoid all unnecessary conversation with the driver.
    7. Talk only in a low conversational voice with seat partners; loud talking or calling to people on other portions of the bus is forbidden.
    8. Use civil language at all times – obscene and vulgar talk is absolutely forbidden.
    9. No smoking on the bus – violators will be fined.
    10. Keep the bus clean and free from litter at all times.
    11. Obey and respect the bus driver
    12. Not fight, push, shove, or hit others
    13. Not eat food or drink on school vehicles.
    14. Wear seat belts at all times, when a vehicle is equipped with them.
    15. Be respectful to private property while waiting at the bus stop.
    16. Not vandalize the bus. Any person willfully damaging a bus will be held responsible for the vandalism and charged.
    17. Not transport animals.
    18. Not using electronic devices without driver permission - headphones or earbuds must be used
    19. Understand that video and audio are being recorded
    20. Keep all items in a backpack while on the bus

    Infractions involving school bus regulations and the Code of Student Discipline and Responsibilities will lead to removal of bus transportation privileges upon the third infraction.

    Notice to Parents/Guardians – School Bus Accident Insurance Program

    The purpose of this notice is to inform you of insurance regulations and procedures in the event that your child or children are involved in a school bus accident.  In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania insurance regulations are established under no fault provisions.  Therefore, in the event of an accident, you will be required to contact your individual automobile insurance agent or carrier and submit a claim.  This will include accidents in which the school bus and another vehicle are involved, or just the school bus itself is involved.  There are no options to file a claim directly with the Catasauqua Area School District.  Your insurance agent or carrier is required to file against the correct individuals on the basis of the claim that you submit.  If you have questions concerning the no-fault provisions of the law as it pertains to school bus accidents, please contact your insurance carrier.

    Student’s bus locations and pick-up times are on the reverse side of this letter.

    We thank you for your cooperation.



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