• Welcome Sixth grade Parents and Students:

    Welcome to all parent and students.  I hope you all had an enjoyable summer and are well rested. I am looking forward to a successful and fun filled year. At anytime time during the school year you have any questions and concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you,  
     I look forward to Seeing you all.
    Please make sure to join our google classroom by accepting invites Sent to you by link in our school email.
    Parents/guardians be aware that a REMIND notice will be sent home shortly. So please join our class to receive the latest announcements.
    Please call or email the front office for login information
    Daily homework assignments will be posted on several sources:
    Homework board located in room 204
    Catasauqua Middle School agend.  All assignments should be written in planner.
    Assignments will also be placed in google and on REMIND
    HOMEROOM: (7:52-8:07)
    PERIOD 1: (8:09-8:50)
    PERIOD 2: (8:51-9:35)
    PERIOD 3: (9:37-10:19)
    PERIOD 4: (10:21-11:03)
    Lunch (11:05-11:35)
    Related Arts (11:35-12:19)
    PERIOD 6: (12:21-1:03)
    PERIOD 7: (1:05-1:50)
    Catasauqua Health & Safety Plan
    Catasauqua Continuity of Education Plan