Study Skills

  • Strong study skills are essential to succeed in school and in life, it isn't enough to just sit inside a classroom and hope to soak up the knowledge a teacher is presenting.  You must put effort into learning, listening, understanding, and applying the material.  The earlier you develop these skills, the greater your chance of academic success.  
  --> This website will provide you with practice problems according to your grade level, your desired subject area, then by topic (select the topic closest to what is currently being discussed in class), and then more specifically it will zero in on the specific skill is being covered within the topic.    Tests and games are divided in grades and topics, which are in turn, subdivided in different categories and arranged in order of difficulty, making it relatively painless to progress through particular topics.
 --> This site provides students with important skills and topics across various subject areas and explains ways to help you study more effectively.  
 --> Create a study set and tell Quizlet when you need to know the material, and Quizlet Learn will kick start your studying with an adaptive plan that charts your progress, helps you stay motivated with encouraging checkpoints, and keeps you on track with helpful study reminders.  Quizlet offers tools for students to make flashcards, practice spelling, play learning games, test their knowledge, collaborate with students, and more.   
 --> Free online study tool for students to create or join premade review games in preparation for an upcoming assessment.  
    --- more coming soon ---