Organization Tips

  • Provide a place to study.

    The desk or table surface should be big enough so that your student can spread out papers and books.

    Make sure essential supplies such as pens, paper and calculator are close by.

    Have good lighting and a sturdy chair that’s the right height available.


    Help your child develop a system to keep track of important papers.

    If your child tends to forget to turn in homework or can’t quite keep track of how they're doing in a class,

    it might help to get them a binder with a folder in the front for completed work

    ready to be turned in and a folder in the back for papers returned by the teacher.


    Make sure your child has — and uses — a planner to keep track of assignments.

    Help your child get in the habit of writing down each daily assignment in each subject

    and then checking it off when it’s complete-- USE your agenda!


    Encourage your child to estimate how long each assignment will take.

     Plan a realistic schedule, building in study breaks after subjects that are most challenging

    and allowing for soccer games, band practice, etc.

    Help your child keep track of time spent studying — rather than staring at a blank page.

    This will help them think about how they're using their time.

    Spending too much time on a subject might be a signal that they need extra help or tutoring.

    Designate a time of day for homework/studying (1 hour block)


    Help your child break big projects into smaller ones.

    A big research project will seem less overwhelming and will be less likely to be left until the last minute

    if it’s done in manageable chunks, each with its own deadline.


    Communicate with your child’s teachers.

    If your child is struggling with organizational skills, talk to the school counselor or teachers

    about what might be causing the problems and brainstorm approaches to solve them.




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