7th Grade Art

  • Parents if you feel you need some assistance helping your child get into the Google Classroom please follow this Parent Guide or watch the Parent Guide YouTube Video.

    7th Grade Art will focus on Agamographs, Totem drawing as well as an introducton to Andy Warhol. This year we will be utilizing Google Classroom for all assignments. Within Google Classroom students will be using Google Slides, Nearpod, watching intructional videos and will of course be making projects using traditional materials. Projects will be handed in via image form in Google Classroom. 


    If we have to go virtual, we will be utilizing Google Meets inside Google Classroom. Students will need to attend all live Google Meets in order to recieve instructions.


    I have attached a screenshot of the Google Meet icon students will use to enter my live classes.

    Google Meet

  • Marking Period 1 Google Classroom Code


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