Study Skills and Organization


    The Three-Ring Binder & At-Home Filing System

    Binders can be very helpful because they make it possible to keep all your notes for all your classes in one place. To organize your papers within the binder, use dividers with pockets and create a different section for each class. Color-coding the tabs for the dividers will help you locate them quickly.

    Here are some guidelines for getting your binder set up:

    1. You will need a sturdy 1 to 2-inch binder.

    2. Label the outside of your binder with your name and other important information, such as your school name, grade level, and homeroom teacher’s name.

    3. Have a separate folder within the binder for loose-leaf paper.

    4. Have a supply of hole reinforcements.

    5. Have a separate folder within the binder for use as a “Home/School Communication Folder.” In the left pocket of the Home/School Communication Folder are papers that need to be turned in (i.e. signed papers or completed homework). The right pocket is for home/school communication (i.e. papers that need to be signed, notices, and homework sheets). Anything in the Home/School Communication Folder should be left in there no longer than one night. After that, everything should be filed in your "At-Home Filing System" and/or turned in to your teacher.