5th Grade Booklist



    Deep in the land of ghosts and frost, back in the days of long ago, when elves, goblins and pirates still roamed the earth, there was a boy named Kringle - a boy who had a destiny to fill with the power to change the world for the better — forever.


    Home of the Brave

    Kek immigrates from his war-torn home in the Sudan in Africa to snow-covered Minnesota. But everything in America is different, and Kek must adapt to new friends, new food and a new life — while not forgetting Africa and the missing mother he left behind.


    The Frog Princess

     With much hesitation, Princess Esmeralda kisses the wise-cracking (although cute!) frog who insists he's a prince. The kiss goes without a hitch - well, sort of - Esmeralda turns into a frog herself!



    Peter and the Starcatchers

    Fearsome creatures, evil pirates, salty seadogs, monster waves, intrepid children and the mystery of a deep mystical power fill the pages of this imaginative "prequel" to Peter Pan.



    The Secret History of Tom Trueheart

    Tom's six older brothers are missing in the Land of Stories and now Tom must set out on a dangerous mission to discover their fates.



    Magic by the Book

     When Anne and Emily bring home a magical library book that has the power to take them into the pages of their favorite stories, they find themselves helping Robin Hood foil the devious plans of Prince John.



    The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy

     The Penderwicks, four sisters,their father and a dog named Hound, arrive at their summer vacation home expecting to find a run-down cabin not the fine cottage on the Arundel Estate. The four sisters soon set out on adventures through the gardens and statues. Their best discovery is Jeffrey, the son of the stuffy Mrs. Tifton, who doesn't think Jeffrey should be talking with the girls.



    Shakespeare's Spy

    Someone is stealing scripts of Shakespeare's latest play! Widge, being a former thief is a suspect. The only way for him to prove his innocence is to volunteer to spy for his theatre troop, The Lord Chamberlain's Men.




    Letters From the Corrugated Castle

    The scene is Gold Rush-era California and Eldora stars in her letters describing her life in San Francisco and on her mother's rancho. Other letters from her friend, Luke, and her adoptive Aunt and Uncle tell more about the reality of the exciting but dangerous life in the mining camps.




    The Lacemaker and the Princess

    Eleven-year-old Isabelle comes from a family of lacemakers. While running an errand at court, she meets Marie Antoinette's daughter Princess Therese and they become close friends. But France is growing angry with King Louis XVI and his family and soon, she may not have the luxury of visiting the princess. Based on a true story of the time before the French Revolution.




    Little Cricket

     Struggling to get used to living in America in 1970, 12 year-old Kia finds friendship while her brother stays away from home and her grandfather yearns for the life and family left behind in war-torn Laos.



    Quit It!

    At the beginning of the school year other kids worry about making friends, getting good grades, or wearing the right clothes. Carrie worries about getting through the day without drawing attention to herself as she struggles against the uncontrollable tics, twitches and coughs that hold her hostage.



    Attack of the Turtle

    In 1776, fourteen-year-old Nathan Wade wants to help the Patriots win the Revolutionary War but he's too young. Despite his fear of boats, he attempts to pilot a crude submarine that can explode bombs underwater to hurt the British fleet in New York harbor. Will Nathan's nerve and air holdout long enough to complete the mission?



    No Talking

    It's the boys against the girls. It's a contest and it's tough. No talking, none, for 48 hours. No talking at school, at home, on the bus. And what will the teachers do with so much silence? What about the principal — how can she yell at students who don't talk?



    I Know Who Likes You

    Swimming Pool's mother wants her off the baseball team and into something a little more "girlie girl". But losing their star pitcher is unthinkable, so Ernie and the Central Comets go into the charm school business. Can they make Swimming Pool refined enough for her mother?


    Juliet Dove, Queen of Love

    After getting an amulet from a mysterious Magic Shop, shy Juliet Dove becomes irresistible to males. She doesn't really want the attention; especially when her whole family is under scrutiny. Juliet needs all the help she can get to overcome the fate that the ancient gods have thrown her way.




    Granny Torrelli Makes Soup

    Twelve-year old Rosie is furious with Bailey, her life-long pal. He actually said, "Rosie, get over yourself!" Can Granma Torrelli's warm soup and wise words comfort Rosie and help her understand her friendship with Bailey?


    Akiko: Pieces of Gax

    Akiko is off on an adventure with her alien friends. This time they assure her it will be a vacation and there will be no slime, grime, mud, or misery, no being sent on missions that have virtually no hope whatsoever of success, and no near-death experiences. Yeah, right!



    Birdbrain Amos, Mr. Fun

    Amos the hippopotamus sets off on an adventurous vacation down a river in the Serengeti, a huge African plain, in an attempt to entertain his "bored" tick bird, Amoeba, who lives on his head! Amos wants to prove that he is "Mr. Fun." The trip turns out to be unforgettable!



    Inside Grandad

    Gavin's favorite person is Grandad. He spends every afternoon with him, and that is when Grandad tells him all kinds of wonderful stories and makes the most magnificent model boats. Now Grandad is very sick. Can Gavin help? With hope, determination and a bit of story magic, he can.




    Can the mythical Swordbird arrive in time to save the woodland birds from the evil hawk warlord?



    I, Jack

    HI! Hi there! I am Big Dog Jack! This is my story! Find out how I become friends with Petra, brave the FIERCE garage door, and save my Packleader from the Huge Scary Metal Monsters!



    The Giant Rat of Sumatra: or, Pirates Galore

     All the murderous cutthroats on the pirate ship call the captain's cabin boy Shipwreck. When the colorful and kind-hearted captain suddenly retires to a ranch in San Diego, Shipwreck has to hold his own against barefoot banditos, backstabbing barkeeps, and vengeful villains.



    The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed

    Patience reluctantly heads out to sea on a whaling ship captained by her father, never guessing that by the end of the voyage she will be forced to match wits against a ship full of mutinous sailors.



    Maggie's Door

    Faced with starvation, Nory Ryan sets out alone to find her way to a ship that will take her to America, and escape the terrible potato famine. Making her way with only a few crumbs of food for the journey, she wonders if she will ever reach her sister Maggie's door.


    Getting Air

    Jimmy: Hotshot teen skateboarder. Mrs. Herschel: 80-year old "extreme" knitter. So, what do they have in common? Neither one has great survival skills — and now the plane they are on has been hijacked and crashes in a thick forest.



    Deep and Dark and Dangerous

    While looking through an old box her mother had brought home from her grandmother's five years ago, Ali finds an old torn photograph. Why did her mother keep this box and never open it? Why won't her mother tell her who is in the picture? Then Ali meets Sissy, a spiteful girl who keeps talking about Tessa — who drowned, mysteriously, many years ago and was never found.


    The Wonder Kid

    No matter what Jesse does, he can't seem to please his father. Bedridden with polio he creates his own comic book superhero "The Wonder Kid" — a brave, strong, smart boy who is everything Jesse longs to be.


    Animal House and Iz

    What if a girl has a stepfamily that is so much fun, she never wants to leave it-even to visit her own mother? Then she would miss out on road rage trips, rubber vomit, and a herd of wacky animals. There is no evil stepmother in Elizabeth's new home, but they could use a zookeeper or a referee.



    It's a hard life on the road for this border collie as he searches for a place to belong, a place to make a difference.


    Penny from Heaven

    Penny Falucci will be twelve years old in the summer of 1953 in New Jersey. She lives with her widowed mother and maternal grandparents, though she often visits her more high-spirited deceased father's Italian family. It is frustrating to Penny that no one will talk about her father's death.


    The Postman Always Brings Mice

     James Edward Bristlefur is a dashing and accomplished British feline spy. When his human companion is murdered, he unexpectedly becomes the house pet of an ordinary sububan family in New Jersey, who name him Mr. Stink. Can Stink use his espionage skills to rescue his new boy from the clutches of a cruel bully?