enVision Math Program Information

  • enVision Math 2.0 Program Activation

    K-5 Teachers

    Tuesday, June 16th

    8:00 - 11:00 AM

    DAO Conference Room

    enVision Math 2.0 Follow Up

    Program Orientation for K-2 Teachers

    Wednesday, May 6th

    2:00 - 3:00 PM

    DAO Conference Room

    Q&A Session for Grades 3 - 5 Teachers

    Wednesday, May 6th

    3:00 - 3:30 PM

    DAO Conference Room

    enVision Math 2.0 Webinar will take place on

    Wednesday (4/15) in DAO Conference Room from 1:45 – 2:45 PM


    You have received/will receive a copy of the envisions Math 2.0 User's guide (green packet of information) in your mailbox. Sheckler teachers received this 4/13 and CMS teachers will receive this packet 4/14.


    Please take some time to review the information in the user's guide and the information in the related files (included at the bottom of this page. Additionally, if you have not done so, it is recommended you preview the information in the online preview account. See instructions below on how to set up the demo account.


    enVision Math 2.0 – K-5 Math Program

    If you have not yet done so, gain free trial access to the enVision Math 2.0 online platform by:

    -          Going to https://www.pearsonrealize.com

    -          Clicking “Try a Free Demo.”

    -          You will have to enter a bunch of information (email, create a password, and then in drop-down select PENNSYLVANIA REALIZE DEMO SCHOOL)

    -          Submit the security info at the bottom of the page

    -          You will then receive a demo username sent to the email address that you used to set up the account. Enter this demo username and your password on the login screen at: www.pearsonrealize.com

    -          After logging in, select a grade K - 5

    -          Then you can select enVision Math 2.0 Grade 1 or Grade 4 Sample (they only have 2 sample grades available – grade 1 and grade 4).


    When you login to Pearsonrealize.com and you explore the enVision Math 2.0 Grade 1 or Grade 4 sample, you'll find that programs give you access to vast amounts of information, which include:

    • Table of contents (TOC) – Programs have TOCs that display the content, tools and assessments that accompany each learning activity. You can view the programs in list or thumbnail form and you can rearrange a program's first level TOC to better suit your needs.

    • Lessons You have access to structured lessons with both student-facing assets and also large amounts of content for teacher support. You can customize and assign lessons to your classes.

    • Quick links – TOC items contain quick links to teacher resources, remediation (on tests), assigning, customizing and info about the TOC items including standards, descriptions, materials provided and pacing information.

    • Uploads and links – You can upload your own files and add links to supplement the content provided for your lessons, and this could include worksheets, Spanish support, etc. Many lessons have links to these additional resources. You also have the freedom to upload your own content and add links to any program or lesson.

    • Customizing tests and lessons – It is very easy to customize your tests and lessons to meet your needs.

    • Search by standards – You can find content in your program topic area that is aligned to your state standards and you can assign this content related to your standards directly to your students.

    • Search for content – You can search for content by doing a keyword search for Realize content and Gooru content and then refining your search with filters to find what you need. You can assign content directly from your search results. See Search for content and Search Gooru for content.

    • eTexts and tools – Many programs contain links to Pearson eTexts and tools and they serve as extra resources that you might want to use for your classes or specific students or groups.

    • Centers – Many programs designed especially for students in the earlier grades also have centers filled with fun learning activities that are easily accessed from anywhere by students and parents.

    -          Click on the following link to Access Online Program Introductory Tutorials - http://mypearsontraining.com/products/envisionmath/2015/tutorials.asp

    o   Program Overview Video – approx. 9 min video - see related file that goes with video

    o   Teaching a Lesson Video – approx. 11 min video -  see related file that goes with video

    o   Intro to Digital Courseware – approx. 8 min video - see related file that goes with video

    o   Professional Development Provided within the Program

    §  Math Background before topics

    §  Math Background in each lesson

    §  Personrealize.com – professional development video for each topic

    §  Pearsonrealize.com – professional development video for each lesson


    **Additionally, while doing some research on the program, I came across two envision Math 2.0 Program Resources for Texas school districts. Even though these resources are designed for Texas, they may be helpful in your review of the program.

    enVision Math 2.0 – Program Overview (TEXAS) - http://www.mypearsontraining.com/pdfs/TG_ENVTX2015_ProgramOverview.pdf


    envision Math 2.0 - How to Teach a Lesson (TEXAS) -




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