PDE Adolescent Health Intiative

  • PDE Adolescent Health Initiative

    The primary purpose of this funding is to build the capacity of districts and schools to effectively contribute to the reduction of HIV infection and other STDs among adolescents; the reduction of disparities in HIV infection and other STDs experienced by specific adolescent sub-populations; and the conduction of school based surveillance through YRBS and Profiles implementation. Program activities are expected to reinforce efforts to reduce teen pregnancy rates.


    Strategy 1: School Based Surveillance

    • This strategy will establish and strengthen systematic procedures to collect and report Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) and School Health Profiles (PROFILES) data for policy and program improvements.

    Strategy 2: School-Based HIV/STD Prevention

    • This strategy will enable PDE to help districts deliver exemplary sexual health education emphasizing HIV and other STD prevention (ESHE); increase adolescent access to key sexual health services (SHS); and establish a safe and supportive environment for students and staff (SSE). In addition, implement policies, including laws, regulations, procedures, administrative actions, incentives, or voluntary practices of governments and other institutions, related to HIV/STD prevention (POLICY).
    • This strategy also requires implementation of intensive activities related to one approach (ESHE, SHS, or SSE) to help school districts and schools meet the HIV/STD prevention needs of a selected group of youth at disproportionate risk (YDR).

    2013-2014: Year 1 Activities

    • Attend the March 2014 Partnership Informational Meeting
    • Attend the May 2014 Partnership Informational Meeting
    • Enhance middle school sexual health education curriculum by partnering with the Weller Center
    • Send 1 middle school counselor and 1 school psychologist to Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
    • Send 2 high school wellness/fitness teachers and 1 school nurse to attend the Temple University Adolescent Health Conference in June 2014

    2014-2015: Year 2 Activities

    • Send 1 high school wellness/fitness teacher to the Temple University curriculum workshop in July 2014
    • Expand partnership with the Weller Center to increase Weller Center programs at CMS and CHS
    • Send a team to the October 2014 PDE Adolescent Health Fall Curriculum Writing Workshop
    • Conduct a Health Curriculum Education Analysis using HECAT
    • Develop draft curriculum documents for CMS and CHS
    • Conduct a policy review
    • Assess and document internal and off-site health services and options
    • Complete the Program Evaluation Reporting System - January 2015
    • Submit and action plan progress report - January 2015
    • Participation in Preventing and Responding to Teen Dating Violence webinar
    • Participate in School Health Council and School Health Index Webinar
    • Send a team to the March 2014 PDE Adolescent Health Spring Curriculum Writing Workshop
    • Inform stakeholders of grant related action step progress
    • Complete ESHE curriculum documents
    • Adopt New Wellness Fitness Class Text which supports delivery of ESHE
    • Submit action plan progress report - May 2015
    • Attend Temple University Adolescent Health Conference in June 2015

    2015-2016: Year 3 Activities

    • Re-activation of the District Wellness Committee - Fall & Spring Meetings
    • Completion of ESHE Curriculum Documents
    • Completion of the School Health Index
    • Participation in 2015-16 Trainings
      • October 2 Day Institute – Oct. 26 & 27, 2015

      • March 1 Day Training – March 2016

      • May 2 Day Institute – May 2016

    • Participation in Year 3 Webinars

      • Sexual Health Services – Getting Info to Support SHS – Aug/Sept 2015

      • Sexual Health Services – How to Build a Referral Team – Sept/Oct 2015
      • Safe and Supportive Environments – Types of Safe and Supportive School Programs – November 2015

      • ESHE – ESHE Policy – Jan 2016

      • Sexual Health Services – Extending Resources – February 2016

      • ESHE – Completing Curriculum – April 2016
    • Participation in Act 126 Training Update - Child Abuse & Prevention
    • Elementary and Middle School Counselors attended Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
    • Created and Approved a Youth Suicide Prevention Policy
    • Participated in 2 Hour Online Suicide Prevention Awareness Training
    • LGBTQ Faculty Presentation by Mazzoni Center 
    • Established Procedures for the Use of Transgender Bathrooms
    • Implementation of the Highmark Healthy Schools Grant at CHS
    • Continuation of Weller Center Partnership to Enhance Educational Programming
    • Curriculum Updates & Resources
      • Flash Curriculum Membership

      • Sexual Ed Network Membership

      • Borrowed Curriculum Resources from PDE

    2016-2017: Year 4 Activities

    • Participation in 2016-17 Trainings
      • Participate in 2 Day ESHE Training - October 2016
      • Participate in 1 Day ESHE Training - March 2017
      • Participate in May Institute - May 2017
    • Participate in PDE School Climate Initiative - 2016-2017
    • Participate in Annual Safe School Conference - November 2016
    • Caron Drug Awareness Faculty Presentation - September 2016
    • CPI Training for Special Education Faculty and Counselors - March 2017
    • Created & Administered a District Health/Wellness Needs Assessment Survey
    • Developed a District Health/Wellness Action Plan
    • Continuation of Weller Center Partnership to Enhance Educational Programming

    2017-2018: Year 5 Activities

    • Participated in 2017-18 Trainings
      • Participate in 2 Day ESHE Teaching Competency Training
      • Particiate in March Training - March 2018
      • Participate in May Institute - May 2018
    • Provided Olweus Training to Core Team and all K-8 Faculty - June 2017
    • Provided First Aid and Hands Only CPR Faculty Presentation - September 2017
    • Purchased Safe Schools Online Training Resources - September 2017
    • Participated in Culturally Responsive Teaching Training - December 2017
    • Participated in PDE School Climate Initiative - 2017-2018
    • Schedule and Participate in District Wellness Day - March 2018
    • Deliver Online "Healthier Me" Course to 3rd and 4th Grade Students - March 2018
    • Scheduled and delivered Bomb Threat Awareness Training - May 2018
    • Expanded partnership with the Weller Center to increase Weller Center programs at CMS and CHS

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