Highmark Foundation Creating a Healthy School Environment Grant Award

  • Catasauqua High School is a proud recipient of the 2015-16 Highmark Healthy School Environment Grant Award. The Highmark grant award has afforded Catasauqua High School the ability to purchase FitnessGram 10.0, a health-related youth fitness assessment that utilizes evidence-based standards to measure the level of fitness needed for good overall health. FitnessGram assesses the five components of health-related fitness: Aerobic Capacity, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition. The FitnessGram 10.0 MyHealthyZone dashboard connects users to their data, reports, and additional helpful resources. The new comprehensive platform promotes:
    • Data management and analysis tools that support the implementation of quality physical education programs and drive decisions for program planning, grant funding, and more.
    • SmartCoach, FitnessGram’s new content library, provides personalized feedback and resources to users based on assessment results.
    • Utilization of an improved student dashboard providing an opportunity for students to interact with their individual fitness data making personal goal setting easier.
    • Student tracking for teachers to monitor progress and develop programs that meet individual needs.
    Additionally, Highmark grant funds were used to promote healthy eating through a high quality, standards-aligned nutrition program provided by The Weller Center.

    Topic of Program:  Healthy Eating

    Target Audience:  Students in grades 9-12

    Goal: Students will comprehend concepts related to healthy eating


    1.      Define calorie
    2.      Estimate personal caloric needs
    3.      Discuss the concept of energy balance as it relates to weight loss and
                 weight gain
    4.      Identify the six key nutrients
    5.      Distinguish between energy-dense and energy-empty food choices
    6.      Read a food label for information regarding dietary guidelines

     Pennsylvania Standards:

    -          10.1.9.C. - Analyze factors that impact nutritional choices of adolescents

    -          10.1.12.C. - Analyze factors that impact nutritional choices of adults

     National Health Education Standards:

    -          1.12.1 – Predict how healthy behaviors can affect health status

    -          3.12.2 – Use resources from home, school, and community that provide valid health information