• Locker Policy

    Ø      Students will be allowed to go to their lockers before morning homeroom, after second period, before and after the lunch period, before last period, and after school.

    Ø      Students should keep their locker combination to themselves. Lockers and combinations should not be shared with friends. Lockers should be locked at all times.


    Agenda Policy

    Ø      A signed Agenda must be used to leave the classroom for the purpose of going to the nurse, office, to see individual teachers. Classroom log out sheet must be signed when using the restroom.

    Ø      If a student does not have his/her Agenda, he/she will be required to obtain a log sheet from the main office.

    Ø      If a student has lost or severely damaged his/her Agenda, he/she will be required to purchase one from the office.


    Tardy to Class Policy

    Ø      Students who arrive to class two or more minutes late for a total of three times will be required to serve a thirty-minute detention.