• Parents and students are advised to check PowerSchool to monitor grades and averages. Please note, most teachers will update grade by the end of the school week. Grades are not necessarily updated immediately after grading assignments.


    Student should be using the agenda to record daily assignments as posted on the homework board in class. Long-term assignments will be posted on this site as will quiz, test, and project dates.



    Homework/Notebook Policy

    Ø      Homework is an important part of classroom activities and must be completed before class. It’s the student’s responsibility to make sure he/she understands the assignment, its purpose, all the requirements, and the date it is due.

    Ø      It is the student’s responsibility to go to each teacher to review what work was missed if he/she is absent from school.

    Ø      Full credit will be given if assignments are completed entirely and by class time on the assigned due date. Half credit will be given for homework handed in after class yet before 2:20pm on the day it was due. A zero will be given for uncompleted homework assignments.

    Ø      If a student must leave school early (due to a field trip, appointment, etc.) he/she must hand in that day’s homework prior to leaving and collect any assignments given that day.

    Ø      Each student must keep track of his/her assignments in the middle school Agenda. We encourage the parents to check the Agenda each night to make sure all assignments are completed.

    Ø      All students must use a notebook or accordion-style folder that is large enough to accommodate notes for all subjects or individual notebooks for each subject. The notebook may be graded or checked for neatness, completeness, and organization.