Catasauqua Area School District Teacher Portfolio


    Purposes of the Portfolio:

    • To reflect and gather data on the teacher’s portfolio goal (this may or may not be the same as the teacher’s professional goal)
    • To assess teaching strengths and areas which need improvement
    • To document professional growth



    To gather10-20 artifacts that document/support progress toward the teacher’s identified portfolio goal(s), and showcase the reflection process associated with progress toward the identified goal(s).

    Important Note: The portfolio is not just a collection of artifacts - it is the reflection process associated with the review of the portfolio artifacts that is critical to enhancing the professional growth of the educator.


    Portfolio Guidelines:

    • Aligned with portfolio goal
    • Required Table of Contents
    • Teachers will determine the number of Danielson Framework sections to include in their portfolios. Depending on their portfolio goal, teachers may include 1-4 of the Danielson Framework portfolio sections.

    ü  Planning & Preparation

    §  Lesson Plans

    §  Curriculum Development

    §  Integrated Units

    ü  Classroom Environment

    §  Classroom Climate

    §  Discipline

    §  Conflict Resolution

    ü  Instruction

    §  Methods of Instruction

    §  Methods of Assessment

    §  Use of Technology

    ü  Professional Responsibilities

    §  Professional Development

    §  Public Relations

    §  Involvement in School Activities

    §  School Leadership

    • The tenured teacher portfolio must include 10-20 artifacts, which support the teacher’s progress toward his/her portfolio goal.
    • Portfolio Documentation: Portfolio Proposal, Mid-Year Portfolio Progress Report, Year-End Portfolio Process Reflection
    • Required Documentation Completion Timeline


    Portfolio Timeline


    Complete Portfolio Proposal & upload to Frontline.

    October- February

    Artifact Collection


    Complete Mid- Year Portfolio Progress Report & upload to Frontline.


    Artifact Collection


    Complete Year-End Portfolio Process Reflection and upload to Frontline.



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