ELL Content Area Teaching Resources

  • Planned Instruction in Academic Content Areas

    • The CASD language instructional program provides ELs with meaningful, comprehensible access to instruction in all content areas required by the PA Academic Standards (after clicking the PA Academic Standards link, click on PA Academic Standards on the left side of the page).
    • The PA English Language Proficiency Standards are an overlay to the academic standards and are incorporated into planned instruction for ELs by ALL teachers.
    • ESL teachers assist content area teachers in planning appropriate instruction and evaluation as necessary.

    Content Area Teacher Responsibilities

    • Review ELs WIDA score reports to determine overall language proficiency level and areas of strength and need.
    • Review the  English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS - Social/Instruction and Content Area)
    • Review the Performance Definitions (see related files at the bottom of this webpage) appropriate to each student's language proficiency level.
    • Review the appropriate Can Do Descriptors (see related links at the bottom of this webpage).
    • Use Model Performance Indicators MPIs (see related files at the bottom of this webpage) to differentiate instruction and assessments.
    • Click here to access the Instructional Practice Guide for ELs

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