New Faculty Induction

  • The philosophy of the CASD new faculty induction plan is  “to support a progression of all new employees through the initial work experience within the school district. The district considers as paramount an induction program, which devotes the necessary time and resources to provide a thorough understanding of exemplary instruction, management and human relations skills.” Additionally, the goal of the CASD new teacher induction plan is to develop a successful teaching style to fulfill new teachers’ assigned professional responsibilities.

    To facilitate the new faculty transitions into their new positions, the new members of the faculty are assigned mentors. The mentors assist the new teachers by:

    -  Establishing a rapport as a helping person

    -  Helping the new faculty member become acclimated to the district, building, and building procedures

    -  Meeting on a regular basis with the new faculty member

    -  Helping obtain resources for the new faculty member