Chapter 1 - Government in Pictures

  •                          Government in Pictures

                                                                             Chapter 1

    A. Objective

    1. Each person will be assigned one purpose of government.


    B. Procedure:

    1. You will be provided with construction


    Side 1: Written Component

     A. Purpose (title) at top

     B. Comprehensive definition – See Page 9

     C. Explanation of how 2 of your images

        symbolize and help to explain your

        assigned purpose.            

     D. Three total bullet points are necessary


    Side 2: Picture Component

     A. Purpose (title)at top

     B. Images that represent and help explain    

        the purposes of government.   

             - Many pictures needed. No white space.


    C. Grading:

           1. You will be graded on the following:

         a. Accuracy of images, neatness, and completeness.

           Many pictures have been used.


        b. Complete summary and comprehensive explanation.


        c. Time management, effort, following directions.


        d. Group Presentation