Chapter 1-2 Forms of Government Assignment

  •                                                  Forms of Government Activity


    1.     You will be assigned two countries to research.


    2.     Complete the following for each country (state).


    A. Use the resources provided to complete the chart (provided)

                    -  1 check needed for each of the three categories


                    -  On a separate sheet explain each of your three answers

                        (checks) on the chart in several detailed sentences. Refer to your

                         resources for the answers. For example you should include:


                        WHERE IS THE POWER?

    *   Explain the structure of your assigned government and

         the characteristics of a unitary or federal government.

         (Explain how you know your country is unitary/federal)


    *   Name the titles of government leaders and their powers

    and responsibilities.

                          WHO CAN PARTICIPATE

      *   Discuss the election process and who can and cannot



                     -  All information must be word processed.


    B.       Locate the countries you were assigned on the map that has been



    Be prepared to share your answers with the class.