Chapter 1 - Comparative Government

  • ACTIVITY: Page 264 Ch 10-1 Comparative Government

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    1.    What is France’s version of the U.S. House called? The Senate?


    2.    How is Japan’s bicameral legislative branch different from our own country’s legislative branch?


    3.    What is Saudi Arabia’s legislative branch called? How do you become a member? Based on your answer, what type of government might Saudi Arabia have?


    4.    What type of legislative body would you have If you founded your own country? Bicameral, Unicameral? How would members be selected? How long would they serve? Who would they serve? What responsibilities would they have? What would qualify them to be eligible to be a member?  Provide rationale for your answers.


       ** All answers must be typed.

      ** Question number four must be answered in paragraph