Chapter 3: Articles of the Constitution Assignment

  • Group Work -  Inspiration or Webspiration Procedures


    1.    If you were assigned a article with several sections you

    will now be collaborating with other student to create a concept map. There will be 1 concept map per article & group.

    You will include the section information/research you found

          to include on the concept map.


    2. Concept Map layout:

         Central Bubble – Article number and topic

         Supporting Bubble – Sections

         Each section should have several supporting ideas


                                         Inspiration Activity - Rubric

                                                 Chapter 3 

                              Articles of the U.S. Constitution



    1.    The Diagram –  the product

    A.    Sufficient and relevant level of detailed information.

    B.     The diagram had several tiers  that correctly organized the flow

    of information.


    2.    The Team – the presentation

    A.    The team used class time to be productive

    B.     Team members followed directions and had a good understanding

    of the topic that they presented