Chapter 3 - Constitution/Avatar Assignments



    To analyze and explain one area of the Articles of the Constitution and two amendments.



        PART 1: 

        Using your books, research your assigned Articles and Amendments and   

        provide a typed summary. Refer to pages 758-779 in your book      


        PART 2:

        Create and customize two speaking characters (Avatars) using the internet

         site Voki. The characters should be developed in a way that symbolizes

         and helps to describe your assigned Articles and Amendments. Next,

         your Avatar will explain to the class the meaning of your Article and

         Amendment. In order to do this you will use your typed summary (#1)

         to narrate the appropriate information. You will be given 90 seconds to

         narrate (in your own words) each avatar. 

                                   Avatar #1- Articles    Avatar #2 – Amendments


          PART 3:

          Find a newspaper report that pertains to your assigned article or Amendment.   

          In your own words summarize the report and explain how it relates to your

          assignment.  2 paragraphs/10 sentences are required.


          Recommended research sources: Power Library

          Click on the following: 

           1. C.H.S.  Library  2. Import tools  3. Power Library   4. General References

           5. Ebsco Host       6. Newspaper Source   7. Enter key words     


          PART 4:

          Present your avatar and story summary to the class.  



    • Class Time will be provided. Points will be deducted for students that are unproductive during class.
    • Work to be completed individually or with a partner.
    • Your assignment will be graded on creativity, comprehension, originality and following directions. 


    • You will be assigned a user name and password. Be sure to enter your  username and password under Voki classroom found in the top right hand corner of the home page. Refer to Mr. Anthony’s teacher page /links to download Voki.