Chapter 5 - Roman Introductory Assignment - Time Line

  •          Greco-Roman Time Line


       A.   Time Line #1 Greece:

            1. 8-10 Major Events/Important People

       2. Include dates only



    B.    Time Line #2 Rome:

         1. 8 Major Events/Important Peo

         2. Include the following:

            a. date

            b. definition

            c.  2 additional words and  definitions associated

                    with the major events/important people on a separate sheet

    d. Include 8 symbolic visuals

                      - 1 per event/person



    C.   Additional Requirements:

         All information must be typed and definitions must include

    descriptive sentences. 



    D.   Extra credit:

         for using online Time Line Creator



         E.  Resources:

             1. Teacher web page for Time Line creator

             2. Book pages: Greece: Pages 112-145

                                     Rome:  Pages 148-182