Roman Emperor Assignment

  •     Roman Emperors


    You will be assigned an emperor to research.


    PART 1: Research

     Check off each circle below as you complete the task.

    o       1.   Use two research sources that are listed below.

    - Class text must be used as one of the sources unless the      

      assigned emperor is not mentioned. 

    o       2.   Create a 2 source Work Cited page with corresponding numbers.

    o       3.   After each fact that you have recorded you must list the source


                     Your research should include the following:

                             a. Background of Emperor – How they came to power

    b. Important Facts, Notable Accomplishments & contributions 

         to the Roman Empire – good or bad

                             c.  How did they lose power


    o       4.  Use bullet points to record facts. Complete thoughts only.

    o       5.   There must be a total of 12 typed facts

    o       6.    DUE DATE: _______



                      Assigned  Source  List:

                       a. Prentice Hall Word History (Class text)

                       b. Miscellaneous Reference Books (list title on work cited page)

                       c. PBS Roman Emperor Link (refer to teacher page)

                       d. Ebsco Host – Directions: a. CHS library     b. Import Tools  

                              c. Power Library  d. Ebsco Host    e. Master File Premier  


    PART 2: Create an Avatar

    o       1.  Design an Avatar based on your assigned Emperor using the website 

            2. You will be given a username and password.

                       3. Use your facts sheet to narrate your Avatar.

                       4. Create your Avatar so that it is designed in a way that represents your Roman Emperor.

    *** You will be graded on the following: 20-25 Points

           1. Copy: Fact Sheet (typed) that includes a work cited resource list

                         *** Comprehensive and specific facts. Information clearly relates to the main topic.

                         *** All work must be in the students own words.  Plagiarized work will result in a zero

                             and after-school detention.     

           2. The Avatar: (20 Points)

                        *** The Avatar has been created in a way that is characteristic of the emperor. The narrative summary is

                             clearly presented and understood by the class.

                        *** Student that waist time during the work period will have several points deducted from their final grade


    If you use your time wisely, you will be able to complete most of this assignment during class.