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  • Skills for Life-I.D. Political Roots & Attitudes

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                       American Government – Chapter 5-2

       Skills for Life-Identifying Your Politcal Attitude

                                                                                                                                                How would you describe your political attitudes? Do you lean towards a certain political party? Are your views mostly liberal, mostly conservative, or a mixture of both. In class, we discussed the characteristics of both of the major political parties. If you had to join one of the major parties, which one would it be? Why?  Be sure to cite a minimum of four specific characteristics (as discussed in the notes) about the party that you agree with and why you might disagree with certain aspects of the other party.


    *** 5 Sentence Minimum Required!!! 

    *** You must cite 2 of your results from the PEW survey!!!


    Ex:I would join the Democratic Party because I disagree with several key issues that many Republicans support. For instance, I believe that our streets should be kept safer for our citizens.  Many Republicans do not support gun control legislation that would help local police departments by passing laws that would make it illegal to purchase certain types of high powered rifles that often find there way into the hands of criminals.    

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