World Cultures

  • Chapter 5

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    Please answer both questions below in complete sentences. You will be graded on the level of though, detail, and comprehension that you included in your response as well as proper grammar.

    1. Describe what you think a day in the life of a Roman Soldier would be like.
        (1 paragraph, 5 characteristics needed)

    2. Compare and contrast similarities and differences between an ancient Roman 
        soldier and a modern American soldier. 
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  • Ancient Greece-Alexander the Great

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    Was Alexander the Great truly deserving of his title?


    1. You will be assigned a partner to discuss the above question.   One partner will argue the affirmative/pro side and the other partner will argue the negative/con side. 

    2. As you watch the assigned video and read the article about Alexander make certain to take notes below that can be incorporated into your response.   Be certain to have several detailed facts for one of the categories. All charts will be collected.   

    3. Using the notes from below, the first partner will answer the question in one complete paragraph on this blog. Next, the second person will than respond to the first partners response with a one paragraph counterpoint. In addition to an appropriate level of detail, spelling, grammar and comprehension will be graded. Please refer to the online rubric for additional expectations and grading procedures.  

            PRO – Yes he was great

          CON – No he wasn’t

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