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  • Chapter 2 - Hammurabi's Code

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                             YOU COMMIT THE CRIME

                                      & YOU DO THE TIME


    PART 1. Individual Question

    1. What is the purpose of sending someone to prison?


    PART 2. Individual Question

    Answer the following question after you have reviewed and compared Hammurabi’s Code with Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections mission statement.


    1. Discuss the differences and similarities between the purpose of Hammurabi’s Code

        and Pennsylvania’s penal code policies (punishment).


    PART 3. – Group Activity Template



    Be sure to answer all of the questions with good detail. Be prepared to share your information with the class.


    Describe and create a crime scenario. Explain how the crime happened.

    What was the motivation for the crime? What were the laws that were broken?



    Reach a consensus. What does your group believe a punishment for the above described crime should be? Explain your rationale for the punishment? Also, explain the degree or level of guilt that the criminal is responsible for.



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