• Floor Hockey



    1. No high sticking. Carry the hockey stick below waist level and keep stick low on back swing and follow through.

    2. No slashing, hacking, and keep a firm grip on the hockey stick.  Your hands should be apart when carrying the stick.


    -Stick Handling- using both sides of the stick blade to control the ball.

    -Slap Shot- a shot in hockey that is made with a large back swing and a huge follow through.  It can not be used in class, as we are not equipped to take these off the body. 

    -Snap Shot- A slap shot with training wheels.  The stick can be brought up about knee height on both the back swing, and then on the follow through after striking the ball.

    -Wrist Shot- a quick short-range shot in hockey made while the ball is against the blade of the stick by snapping the blade quickly forward. It is the most effective and accurate way to shoot.

    -Penalty Shot- started at mid-court and given for major rule infractions.

    -Crease- area in front of the goal.

    -Power Play-when one team has more players on the floor due to the other team having a player serving a penalty.

    -Clearing-when the goalie or a defensive player moves the ball away from the goal area either with the stick or with the hands.  In hockey this is also known as a dump, in hopes that an offensive player can pick up possession on the far side of the court. 

    -Save-when the goalie makes a play that prevents the opposing team from scoring.

    -Face Off-the game begins this way and is used for re-starts such as: after a goal is scored, and when the ball leaves the playing area.

    Playing Tips and Information

    1. Move without the ball to open space.

    2. Use give and go passes.

    3. Follow all shots, as the majority of goals in hockey come off of rebounds. 

    4. Pass the ball ahead of a moving teammate.

    5. Defensive players should never pass the ball across their own goal.

    6. Slashing, hacking, cross checking, pushing or hitting someone with your stick are all roughing fouls. The player committing the foul will serve a two minute penalty.

    7. Bringing the stick above your waist is high sticking and will result in a 1 minute penalty.

    8. For safety, a player may not throw his/her stick to block the ball.  This action will result in a two minute penalty.

    9. A foul will send a player to the penalty box and his team must play shorthanded

    10. For safety, sideline players should not interfere with play.

    11. A penalty shot will be awarded for major rule infractions while a player is shooting.

    12. If the ball is hit and leaves the playing area, the restart will be a face-off.

    13. No holding another player’s stick.

    14. No lifting another player’s stick.

    15. A player may catch a ball that is in the air but they must drop it to the ground immediately.

    16. A player may not kick the ball into the goal.


    Study Tips:

     -At the start of each game, after each goal, and when the ball goes out of play, 1 player for each team meets at the center of the playing area for a Face-off.

     -The positions for each team in a hockey game include: 1 goaltender, 2 defensemen, 2 wingers, 1 center

     -When a player is called for a penalty and must serve 2 minutes in the penalty box, the other team is on a power play and has a man advantage for the length of the penalty.  They player called for the penalty can come back in the game when the penalty time expires, or if the team on the power play scores a goal.  If the penalized team scores a short handed goal, the player remains in the penalty box. 

     -The two shots we went over in class were the:  snap shot, wrist shot

     -When you are, individually, in possession of the ball, and are moving it around the playing area it is called stick handling.

     -The ball is in the air above a player's head you may catch it, drop it immediately and play on.

     -When a defensive player, or the goaltender play the ball from the defensive end, usually out of trouble, to the offensive end of the playing area it is called clearing.  Also known as a dump.

     -Which of the following will most likely result the ball to go airborne on a pass or a shot? The blade of the stick tilted backwards as you make contact with the ball

     -Which of the following can bring a 2 minute power play to an end?  The end of two minutes and the team on the power play scores a goal.

     -A team was penalized and now has to play a player down because of the penalty, putting opposition on a two minute power play. What happens if a player from the penalized team is called for another penalty during the power play? The second player must go to the penalty box, and now the penalized team has to play down two players.

     -When a goalie makes a play on the ball, preventing it from going in the goal, they have made a save.

     -A hat trick is when a player scores 3 goals in one game.

     -You should be able to describe how to receive a pass from a teammate and how to make a ball goes up in the air when you shoot or pass the ball. hint: it has to do with your stick.