• Basketball Study Guide:

    1.    Assist: a pass by an offensive player to a teammate that leads directly to a score.

    2.    Baseline: the end line

    3.    Boxing Out: a term used to designate a defensive player’s position under the backboard which prevents an offensive player from achieving good rebounding position.

    4.    Charging: personal contact against the body of an opponent by a player with the ball.

    5.    Cut: A quick offensive move by a player trying to get free for a pass.

    6.    Double Dribble: when one person dribbles, stops and picks up the ball and starts to dribble again or dribble with two hands simultaneously. .

    7.    Drive: an aggressive move toward the basket by a player with the ball.

    8.    Fast break: moving the ball quickly down court in order to score before the defense can set up.

    9.    Field Goal: a basket scored from the field, worth two points, unless outside the three point line.

    10.Free Throw: the privilege given a player to score one, two, or three points by unhindered throw for a goal from within the free throw circle and behind the free throw line.

    11.Free Throw Line: The line at the top of the key where free throws are taken.

    12.Key/ Paint: Area extending from the baseline, to the free throw line underneath the basket.  This is the area of the court where most layups are made and where rebounds are brought down.  On free throws, players line the perimeter of this area in hopes of grabbing a rebound off of a missed foul shot. 

    13.Lay-up: a shot where a player releases the ball close to the basket while continuing to run off one foot.

    14.Pick: a special type of screen where a player stands so the defensive player slides to make contact, freeing an offensive teammate for a shot or a drive.

    15.Press: a team's attempt to take the ball away from their opponent before they can set up their offense.

    16.Rebound: when a shot bounces off the backboard or basket and is pulled down by a player.

    17.Steal: a defensive player takes the ball from the offensive team.

    18.Three Point Line: Arc shaped line going around the perimeter of the offensive end of the court, shots made from BEHIND this line count for 3 points

    19.Traveling: when a player in possession of the ball within bounds progresses illegally in any direction.

    20.Up and Down: When a player goes up to take a jump shot, but for whatever reason, the feet come back down to the ground before the ball has been released.

    Other Items:

    -       Basketball is played with 5 players on a team (5v5).

    -       In class we went over the chest pass and the bounce pass, but you could also use a one-handed over head pass for long passes down court, or a pitch pass for very close passes.

    -       When passing, hands are on the sides or the ball, when shooting your dominant hand comes behind the ball as the “shooting hand” and the other hand stays on the side of the ball as the “guide hand”.

    -       Offensive Rebounding is important to keep possession of the ball on missed shots and give the offensive second and third chances, where defensive rebounding is important to gain possession of the ball and start your offense the other way. 

    -       When a player is fouled and it is not a shooting situation, the team will inbound the ball from the sideline or the baseline, just like they would if the ball goes out of bounds.

    -       When a player is fouled while in the act of shooting, they will go to the free throw line to shoot 1-3 free throws depending on the situation.  If a player is fouled in the act of shooting AND the ball still makes it in the basket, a player will go to the free throw line for an additional shot, which is most commonly referred to as “AND ONE”.

    -       Transition is a moment where a team, for whatever reason, moves from offense to defense, or defense to offense.  This requires quick team movement to either get players forward on offense, or to get back behind the ball on defense. 

    -       Basketball is a Summer Olympic Sport.