Course Outline/ Syllabus

  • Wellness/Fitness Syllabus
     Course Description
    Students in Wellness/Fitness will learn how to assess their fitness level, design personal exercise plans, and use the exercise equipment in the Fitness Room to develop and improve their level of fitness by participating in class activities.  Students will also learn and apply the rules, etiquette, skills, techniques, and strategies used in various sports, leisure, and recreational activities.  Students will have opportunities to demonstrate proficiency through regular, meaningful participation in fitness-focused class activities that develop and enhance health and skill related fitness, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. 
    Grading Policy
    Catasauqua High School recognizes regular, comprehensive Wellness/Fitness Education as an important component of our students’ total educational experience.  Students must successfully complete 4 semesters of Wellness/Fitness to graduate from Catasauqua High School.  Students in Wellness/Fitness class will be graded according to the criteria listed below:
    Class Participation……….40%
    Student attends class, changes into clothes appropriate for physical activity, and participates meaningfully in all class activities.  Students must change and have proper footwear on to participate in class activities.  Attendance, dress, participation, effort, and behavior will be assessed using the Daily Physical Education Participation Rubric. A daily score for 0-5 will be given for each day the students have Fitness class in the gym.
     Students will be responsible for assignments that are given in both the Wellness and Fitness components of this course. Assignments may include, but are not limited to worksheets, reflections, lab reports, chapter reviews, homework assignments, etc. Any missed assignment will result in a zero if not made up on time. Students are responsible for contacting the teacher or consulting the website for any missed assignments. 
    Students will have to complete knowledge based assessments and projects along with heart rate assessments during a marking period.  The heart rate test measures the ability of the student to keep their heart rate in their target zone for a specified number of minutes. The target zone is the time a student’s heart rate is in their “exercise” zone.  This is measured by the student wearing a heart rate monitor.   Students will learn to determine their different exercise zones. They will be encouraged to set personal goals and work toward improving their level of fitness while participating in games and activity stations.  If a student is unprepared for class on a Heart Rate Test day, he/she will receive a zero with no make-up allowed. Failure to complete all the assigned HR tests or make up any written assessment will result in a zero for the missing test grade(s).
    For more information on Heart Rate Monitors and their importance listen to this podcast at:
    Grading Scale for Heart Rate Tests (43 minute period-13 minutes for changing=30 minutes for activity)    

    22/20=120%    30:00 and up
    21/20=110%    25:00 - 29:59
    20/20=100%     20:00 - 24:59             
    19/20=95%       19:59 - 19:00             
    18/20=90%       18:59 - 18:00 
    17/20=85%       17:59 - 17:00             
    16/20=80%       16:59 - 16:00             
    15/20=75%       15:59 - 15:00             
    14/20=70%       14:59 - 14:00             
    13/20=65%       13:59 - 13:00             
    12/20=60%       12:59 - 12:00
    11/20=55%       11:59 - 11:00
    10/20=50%       10:59 - 10:00             
     9/20=45%          9:59 - 9:00
     8/20=40%          8:59 - 8:00
     7/20=35%          7:59 - 7:00
     6/20=30%         6:59 - 6:00
     5/20=25%         5:59 - 5:00
     4/20=20%         4:59 - 4:00
     3/20=15%         3:59 - 3:00
     2/20=10%         2:59 - 2:00
     1/20=5%          1:59 - 1:00     

    Dressing Room, Lockers, Combination Locks
    Each student will be assigned an individual locker for class and be given a combination lock by the teacher.  The teacher will record each combination, but students are responsible for learning their own combination.  The lock must be returned at the end of the course.  Failure to do so will result in a $7.50 fee.  Students are responsible for their own valuables and their lock.  They are required to place all valuables, purses, books, bags, etc. in their locker and lock it.  Students will have approximately 5 minutes to dress before class and after class.  Students will not be allowed back into the locker rooms during class.  If late for any reason and the locker room is locked, students must report directly to the gym.
    Students are required to wear t- shirts/sweatshirts and shorts or sweat/wind pants. No sleeveless shirts, tank tops or cut out shirts are permitted.  Sneakers must be worn and tied.  All body jewelry deemed unsafe must be removed before participation. Failure to comply with this will result in denial of participation and a grade of zero for that class day with no makeup allowed.
    Students, who are ill, may be excused from the activity with a written note from a parent/guardian for the day.  The note is good no more than (2) consecutive days and will count toward their missed days.  Frequent excuses are to be discouraged as two thirds of this class is activity based. If an excuse from an activity is necessary for more than 2 days, the student must secure a “Medical Excuse” from a doctor.  
    When a medical exemption from activity is presented the student must complete an alternate assignment each day in lieu of physical activities.  These daily written assignments will be graded to determine their daily participation score. If assignments are not completed, he/she will receive a zero. All Heart Rate Tests and Fitness Tests will be postponed until the student is cleared and can complete them. If the tests are not completed, a grade of zero will be given.
    If a student is unprepared and unable to participate for Wellness/Fitness class he/she will receive a zero for the day on the Daily PE Participation Rubric.  When a student is unprepared but wearing proper footwear and able to participate he/she will lose two points off the Daily PE Participation Rubric. After the three time of being unprepared but able to participate the student will receive a teacher detention. 
    Please note: Any assignment missed by a student because they have not dressed for class will result in a zero for that assignment
    Missing Class
    When a student misses a Wellness class for any reason, i.e. being absent from school for illness, college visit, another school activity, excuse for illness or injury from parent, they get an excused absence but they need to make up any class assignment missed. When a student misses a Fitness class for any reason (except a Medical Excuse from a doctor-see above rule), the first three times in a marking period, they get excused absences and receive the maximum daily rubric points (5).  After the third time they miss an active class, they will receive a zero for the day on the PE Rubric for that week.  They need to make up the activity time missed before or after school to earn their rubric grade for the missed day.
    A respectful and pleasant attitude toward all adults and fellow students will do much to insure success in school and this class.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner as young adults.  They are encouraged to demonstrate sportsmanship, the ability to work productively with a group and take the safety of self and others into consideration each class.  If any of the above is not followed, the student MAY be given one warning.  Subsequent offenses will result in a teacher detention either before or after school.  If behavior continues, an office referral will occur. 
    Students are expected to report to class on time. All students are expected to be in the classroom or the locker room hallway when the bell rings.  The first time a student is late they will lose one point off their daily rubric score. The second time they will lose two points. Beginning the third time and every time thereafter, they will receive a zero for the day and be assigned a detention. At the end of the period, once a student has changed and waiting for the bell, he/she may leave the locker room but MUST remain in the back hallway. Any student caught leaving the hallway without permission will receive an automatic detention and lose two points off their daily PE rubric score.