First Aid Follow Up

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    1)   What does first aid mean?






    2)   JoAnn, your elderly neighbor, is doing some yard work.  You had seen her using a gas powered weed whacker and other tools.  A few minutes later you don’t hear anything, and when you look over, you see JoAnn lying face down in her yard, and she isn’t moving.  In terms of the three C’s, what should you do?






    3)   There are 4 types of open wounds.  Please describe each of them.










    4)   Frank cut his wrist pretty badly when he was trying to skin the chicken breasts he bought earlier.  He calls for help and you come into the kitchen and there is a lot of blood on the counter and the floor, and he is losing blood by the second.  What should you do?







    5)   Jamie burns herself badly as a pot with hot oil is knocked over.  A great deal of oil splashed onto her forearm and continues to burn her skin.  What should you do to help her?



    6)   You are the first responder to the scene of an accident.  The victim you tend to is unconscious, but you don’t notice any external bleeding.  You check their ABC’s (airway, breathing, and circulation), and there is a clear airway, but no breathing and no signs of circulation.  You already called 911 and now it is time to administer CPR.  Please explain the steps below. 









    7)   What id shock?  What are the symptoms? What do you do to help the victim?







    8)   Julio starts laughing while eating at the lunch table after a classmate told a funny joke.  You notice a change in his expression, as his face turns red.  He puts both hands on his throat as he is trying to breath, but he cant.  There are also no sounds coming from him as he tries to call out.  What should you do?








    9)   In regards to sprains and strains, what does R.I.C.E. mean?







    10)                   Do you think High School students should be required to take a CPR certification class in high school?  Why or why not?