Stress Test Results


    0 - 49 VERY LOW SCORES

    If you scored at the extreme low end of this range, you may have misread the directions, please check again. Most people have experienced at least a few of these statements. For example, everyone had at least one major holiday in the past year; most people will have a change in eating or sleeping habits, a change in recreation or extracurricular activities. Make sure you have completed the test correctly. If your score is very low you might think about increasing the amount of activity in your life, not all stress is bad.

    50 - 99 LOW SCORES

    You are experiencing very little stress and may also want to think about taking on more responsibilities. This will help your self-esteem and will produce some positive stress in your life.

    100 - 199 LOW SCORES

    If you scored near the upper end, you could be experiencing some mild stress. You may be able to handle it on your own. However, if you do not feel that you are handling the stress in your life as well as you would like to, some of the suggestions listed for others score levels may be helpful.

    200 - 299 MEDIUM SCORES

    If you scored in this range, you are probably experiencing moderate levels of stress. You need to familiarize yourself with stress reduction techniques and begin practicing those which are most effective for you. Also look for ways to change those items that you do have some control over.

    Above 300 HIGH SCORES

    If you scored above 300, you are very likely experiencing extreme levels of stress in your life. You may find it useful to look back over the inventory and notice what specific feelings and events accounted for your high point score. Regardless of what is causing your current stress level, it is important for you to do two things. First, try to avoid any additional stress until you feel more in control of your life. Second, seek professional help, from your family doctor, school counselor, etc. to learn about ways to reduce stress and talk about what is causing stress for you

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