• Mission Statement:

                The Catasauqua High School Choir is dedicated to musical excellence, inspiring others through singing, and creating a sense of community amongst its members.

    We will accomplish this by:

    • Improving our individual and ensemble singing skills.

    • Demonstrating musical achievement through enjoyable performances.

    • Providing opportunities for self-expression.

    • Performing a variety of musical styles and genres.

    • Developing respect, character, self-discipline, leadership, and confidence.


                High School Choral Music is a sequential extension of middle school choir experiences. Musicianship is developed through the study of vocal technique, ensemble skills, sight reading skills, and music listening experiences. Periods of music history are explored as well as the music of many cultures. Unison, two-, three-, and four-part choral literature is sung and prepared for public performances.


    1. Choir Folder and music

    2. Pencil


    Code of Conduct:

    1. Students are required to attend all after-school rehearsals.  Students must turn in a written excuse prior to all after-school rehearsals.  It is expected that students will adjust their personal schedules to accommodate the choir rehearsal schedule.  Parents should be given the rehearsal schedule when first given to students to help in the accommodation of personal schedules.  If any student needs more than one rehearsal schedule, just request an extra from Mr. Arnold.  Excused absences will be at the director’s discretion.  If the student does not turn in a written excuse and misses the rehearsal, that student will receive a 0% for the rehearsal.

    2. Students who miss a dress rehearsal or a concert without a valid, written excuse will receive a 0% grade for the missed event.  Valid excuses are sickness, family emergencies, or other events at the director’s discretion.

    3. In rehearsal and concert situations, students will conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with the educational process.  Consequences such as lowering of class grade, detention, or removal from the class will result from a failure to comply.



    1. Bring all your materials to all rehearsals.

    2. Refrain from talking while the choir or a section of the choir is singing.


    4. Practice your music not only during school rehearsals, but on your own as well.

    5. Do not use the Music Room as a personal locker.


    Concert Etiquette and Performance Expectations:

    Concert Etiquette

    Choir students will exhibit proper concert behavior during all performances in order to reflect positively on the CHS Music Department.  The following rules will be followed at all performances:

    1. Talking is not allowed.  It is disrespectful to the performers on stage and audience members who wish to hear the performance, and does not show support for the CHS Music Department.

    2. Do not leave your seat FOR ANY REASON.  Use the restroom and drinking fountain before the concert begins. 

    3. No food or drink is allowed in the performance area, including the stage, backstage, and seating area.  This includes water bottles.

    4. Support your fellow musicians with the appropriate applause.  Yelling, whistling, shouting names, etc. are not acceptable.  The audience should never cause attention to be shifted from the performers on stage.

    5. During serious music, applaud only after the conductor has lowered his/her arms.

    6. Applaud after the final movement of a multi-movement piece.  This will be noted in the concert program.  The conductor will lower his/her arms when the final movement is over.

    7. NO CELL PHONES during the concert!

    8. Stay for the entire concert.

    Performance Expectations

    1. Be in your assigned place ready for the concert at the stated time.

    2. Wear the correct uniform/costume that is required for the performance.

    3. Stand in your assigned place on the risers.

    4. Do not draw attention to yourself by not following directions, looking around, talking, etc.


    6. Move between the stage and seating areas in a quiet fashion and orderly fashion.


    Student grades will be based on the following:

    1. Concert attendance- 50 points for participation in the concert; 0 points for non-participation.  Please consider the Concert Performance as your final exam for the respective semesters.

    2. Dress Rehearsal attendance- 25 points for attendance and participation, 0 points for non-attendance and not participating.

    3. Students will receive 10 points per rehearsal during the school day.  If the student forgets any materials and is not prepared for class than they will receive 0 points for the day.