Keystone Exam Curriculum Review and Development 2012

  • 6.7.12 Keystone/CC Aligned Planned Courses of Study - Meeting Agenda

    1. Review of Planned Course of Study Document

    2. Resources for Planned Course of Study Writing

    • Completed Sample Planned Course of Study - see related files
    • SAS - Curriculum Framework - see related links
    • Keystone Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content - see related links
    • Keystone Exam Curriculum Gap Analysis Documents - see related files
    • Keystone Exam Item and Scoring Samplers - see related links
    • PA Common Core Draft Standards and Emphasis Guides - see related links
    • CC Alignment - Math Pathways (Traditional/Accelerated) - see related files 
    • PA Standards (Science, Technology and Engineering) - see related links
    • Planned Course of Study Writing Procedure - see related files

    3. Data for Consideration - PSSA, CDT, Study Island, Curriculum Based Assessments, Keystone Exam Field Tests

    4. Planned Course of Study Writing Compensation Options - Please inform Christina of your selection before you leave Friday 6.8.2012

    5. Completion Date - July 31st with a request for board approval anticipated date of August 13th.

    6. Questions/Concerns


    6.4.12 Meeting Agenda

    1. PA Common Core Transition Timeline

    2. CDT alignment to Keystone Exams

    3. Use of CDT data to modify instruction and update curriculum

    • Large Group Data should drive curricular changes
    • Classroom and Student Level Data should drive instruction/enrichment/remediation
    • Students need to understand the connection between the CDTs and the Keystones for AYP/Graduation Purposes

    4. Planned Course of Study Writing, Review & Updates - Identify one teacher responsible for each planned course (multiple teacher review of planned course of study drafts prior to board approval) 

    • Alg A, Alg B, Alg I
    • Biology
    • Eng/Lit (Grades 9, 10, and 11)

    5. Math Representative to Attend June 21, 2012 - PA LEADS Meeting - Alg I Discussion & Planning

    6. Questions, Concerns, Other

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