AP/Honors Chemistry II - Curriculum Guidelines

  • Course                                                                   Grades             Credit

    452 Chemistry II AP/Honors                                       12                      1.20

    [Prerequisite: CP or Honors Chem. I with a final average of 85% or teacher recommendation]  

    This course is for the highly motivated college-bound student with or without plans for a career in science. The course is an in-depth study of the advanced chemistry topics not covered in Chemistry I. It is a second year chemistry course covering concepts normally taught in the freshman year of college. Fundamental chemical concepts are studied but not limited to the structure and states of matter, the nature of reactions, solutions, neutralization, thermodynamics and kinetic, oxidation-reduction reactions, chemical equilibrium, Gas Laws, basic organic and nuclear chemistry, and descriptive features of classes of elements and compounds and the associate chemical calculations. The course strongly emphasizes the development of the student’s ability to think clearly and logically and to express ideas orally and in written form. Laboratory experiments of both a qualitative and quantitative nature are an integral part of the course. The course emphasizes independent thinking, self-motivation and disciplined work habits.


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