Applied Chemistry - Syllabus

  • 440 Applied Chemistry                                                   11-12                   .50

    This course is intended to give a basic appreciation of the relationship of Chemistry to the real world.  This course is designated for those students who have not taken Chemistry I CP or Honors Chemistry I, but are interested in applicable sciences.  Applied Chemistry will be an inquiry based course focusing on work in the laboratory and applying it to the basic concepts of Chemistry such as Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter, Modeling, Radiation, the use of the Periodic Table, Chemical Reactions, Acids and Bases as well as the impact of industry on the environment.


    Students have notebooks containing all materials (notes, worksheets, labs) in the classroom.  If you are absent and need to make up work, see me when you get back.  You will have plenty of opportunity to complete your assignments.  Labs that are missed due to an excused absence will not be made up but excused.