American History II

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    Mrs. Alexis Sziy
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     Together we will explore American History from Reconstruction through the Present Day

    American History II
    United States History 1865 - 2001

    This year we will begin from Reconstruction and finish with the recent past.  This course will give you a perspective on the position of the United States among the nations of the world from an ideological and cultural point of view.

    This course will focus on central themes and issues in the development of American society and institutions. It will raise questions about human values, economic growth, institutional change, cultural/social development, political democracy, and the place of the United States in the world.

    Themes and Time Periods 
     American History II:
    Immigration, Urbanization, and the Western Frontier
    The Industrialization Revolution
     The Gilded Age:  Reform and Social Progressivism
    Change and Continuity in U.S. Isolationist Foreign Policy
    (1865- 1914)

     World War I
     Social and Economical progress of the 1920s
     The Great Depression and The New Deal
    Pre-War Apeasement and European Dictatorships
    (1914- 1939)
    World War II
    Post-War Power and Prosperity
    Surburban Sprawl and Modern Conviences
    The Birth of Rock n' Roll
    The Cold and Korean War
    (1939- 1959)
    The Politics of Protest
    Social Movements change America
    The Vietnam Conflict and the Great Society
    The Crisis of Confidence
    (1960- 1979)
    The Search for World Stability
    Modern Technology, Globalization, and the Age of Information
     The Collapse of Communism
    A New War:  The Persian Gulf War and Terrorism
    Pre-9/11 Middle Eastern Foreign Relations
    (1980- 2001)





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