American History II Research Project

  • American History II
    Research Project

    Historical Impact Research Project

    This year for your research project you will be able to choose any topic from the 20th century (1900- 2001) that occurred inside the United States. We like to call this project the "Noun" project. Choose a person, place, event, thing and research the 5 W's. The most important part of the project is detailing the impact that this "noun" had on American life.

    Brainstorm about some possible topics you might want to write about. ADVICE: Choose a topic you are interested in!!! Example: If you are interested in the MAFIA, you could research Al Capone and detail the impact that he had on organized crime in America. If you are interested in MUSIC, you could write a paper on the history of the electric guitar or the British music invasion.  Pick something you will have fun learning about!!!

    The research project is broken down into EASY-TO-COMPLETE STEPS that are graded over TWO MARKING PERIODS. The majority of the "legwork" (outline, notecards, storyboard) will count towards your third marking period class grade. The final project and presentation of the project will fall in the fourth marking period class grade.

    It is imperative that you complete each step of the research process when it is due. Turning in late research work will result in HALF to NO credit, which will seriously affect your third and fourth marking period grades.

    Getting behind in the process also makes completing the final project very difficult. Each step is designed to help make the final project easier to create. Failure to compete certain steps will make turning in a final project impossible. IF YOU DO NOT TURN IN NOTECARDS and a STORYBOARD you MAY NOT TURN IN A FINAL PROJECT. These two assignments demonstrate your research and your writing/organizational ability. Without these two steps, you cannot prove that the project information is YOUR WORK.

    Below are the steps of the research process along with due dates and step values. These dates are tentative and subject to change. Any changes will be updated on this website and in class. Below each step are basic details about what is due. Each step will be explained more thoroughly in class.


    As a MINIMUM you must have:

    2 Books
    2 Scholarly Journal/Magazine Articles
    1 Internet Site

    American History II

    9th Grade

    Research Project Timeline

    Topic Selection Card                                                          March 10, 2015

    Outline and Opening Paragraph (50pts.)                         March 16, 2015

          -Major topics to be covered (plan for project)

          -Why you picked your topic

    Note sheets/ Note cards (100pts.)                                       March 30, 2015

         -Printout of note cards
         -Outline/Opening Paragraph must be attached

    Storyboard (100pts.)                                                           April 14, 2015

    -Must hand in Storyboard with Note Sheets attached

    Rough Project Feedback (50pts.)                                WEEK of April 20, 2015

    Final Project
    (350 pts.)                                                       May 5, 2015

          -Must turn in Storyboard

    Project Presentations (100pts.)                                         Starting Around May 12, 2015