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    Mrs. Sziy's Parent Connection Page

    This is your page to access information to help your child be successful in my classroom. 
    My hope is that we can work as team to ensure your child's future success.  I am looking forward to communicating with you throughout the school year.

    Please feel free to ask questions:  e-mail or call or 610-697-0111 ext. 23226

    Parent Information:

    The following  are suggestions and information that you can use throughout the school year.

    1. Consider getting parental access to your child's grades by signing up for Power School access. This can be done through the Student/Parent Handbook and the main office.

    2.   Make contact with me if you feel there is an issue or question you may have regarding you child's performance.  Do not wait for the problems to get out of control.

    3.  During the marking period students will periodically receive a marking period grade sheet print out.  The student will be asked to have their parent sign this sheet so I know you have seen it.  The student will receive a homework grade for returning the form.

    4.  You will find my classroom expectations, grading policy and course content on the individual class Syllabus.  They are attached as files below and on the individual class sub-pages located in the menu to the left.

    CHS Publications:

    Below is a link to the Catasauqua High School Publications page.  Here you can access the Student/Parent Handbook and the Graduation Project Booklet.

    CHS Publications Page

    Study Techniques:

    Below you will find information and links for study skills, test taking strategies, time management, and reading your textbook
    There are also files attached at the bottom of the page for getting to know your textbook and the SQR3 method of studying.

    Study Skills Resource Site
    Homework Policy:  page 16 of Student/Parent Handbook:

    It is the philosophy of Catasauqua High School that homework is an integral part of sound education. Education that repares students for life beyond the classroom necessitates that students be able to work independently beyond the normal school day.

    It is the student's responsibility to make up homework that was missed due to absence. The number of days for make up work to be completed will be equal to the number of days of excused absence. Each student should get his/her assignments upon returning to school.  **Unless assignment was assigned prior to the absence and due during the absence then it is due upon the student's return to class.**

    In the event of extended absences (three school days or more), parents should request homework assignments by calling the Guidance Office.

    If unlawful absences occur, students will receive a zero for any homework/class work missed that day.

    School suspensions are considered excused absences; therefore, the student is eligible to make up any work.



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