Medication Policy

  • The Catasauqua Area School District board policy on medications is a very important policy, which applied to all students in our school district.  This policy requires that for all medication, prescription and over-the-counter, including herbal and nutritional, parents/guardians must:

    • Personally deliver the medication in its original container to the school nurse
    • Give the nurse a written note requesting the school to administer the medication.  The note must include the name of the medication/drug, dose and time of administration, physician's signature, and signed "hold harmless" agreement.  This Medication Authorization Form may be found in a link below. 

    School personnel may not administer any medication if this procedure is not followed.  However, parents or guardians may come to school at any time to administer medication to their own child. 


    Sometimes, children become ill and need to take medication for a short time.  The school asks for your cooperation in trying to arrange that these medications be given outside of school hours.  However, if the student must take the medication during school hours, the Medication Authorization Form is required for all short term medications - including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and all over-the-counter medications.





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