• Hearing screening is done in kindergarten and grades 1, 2, 3, 7 & 11.  Students' hearing at the middle school and high school is checked by the school nurse using a pure tone audiometer.  Hearing that is considered "passing" will have the students responding correctly to sounds that range in frequency from 250 - 4000 mHz at 25 decibels.  Students whose hearing is considered to be "not passing" will have a referral form mailed to their homes.

    There are many reasons that a student could have hearing that is outside the "normal" range.  If a student has symptoms of allergies or a cold, the hearing may be affected temporarily.  For that reason, students who have not passed the initial hearing screening will be scheduled for a recheck in 2-4 weeks.  Only after a student has "failed" the hearing screening twice will a referral form be mailed to the home.





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