• Frequently asked Questions 

    Q:  What time will the bus come?
    A:  The bus should be at the stop on schedule but may fluctuate due to traffic, construction, and other delays.  Please be at the stop at least 5 minutes earlier than scheduled time.

    Q: Where does my child get the bus?
    A: All students are picked up and dropped off at their school board assigned bus stops.  A post card should be received with this info on it.

    Q: How do I change a bus stop?
    A: Change a bus stop by calling 610-264-3192 ext. 2 or emailing transportation@cattysd.org.  Changes are made for baby sitting or emergency purposes only.

    Q: My child goes to day care twice a week and home the rest.  Can this be a permanent schedule?
    A: No, each child will have one primary stop.  If there is a split schedule, transportation must be notified by noon of that day by calling or emailing transportation.  If no call or email is received, your child will be sent home to their primary stop.

    Q: Can I make the changes for the whole week if my child has a split schedule?
    A: Yes, you can email transportation weekly to make the change for the whole week.

    Q: What happens if there is a weather related delay?
    A: If there is a weather related delay, you will receive a call from the superintendent stating the delay.  The bus will pick up according to the delay.

    Q: My child goes to a Charter School or Private school.  How does that delay work?
    A: If Catasauqua Area School District has a weather related delay, all transportation including Private and Charter Schools will operate on the same delay.  This is true with early dismissals relating to weather.

    Q: My child attends a Charter or Private school.  What happens if CASD is closed but my child’s school is open?
    A: We will transport according to your child’s school’s start of the year calendar except for weather related delays, cancelations, and early dismissals.

    Q: Can I bring large items on the bus or van?
    A: We ask that for the safety of all children and the safety of the item, anything larger than a backpack not be taken on the bus.  We sometimes have 2-3 children per seat and large items pose a safety threat.

    Q: Can I eat on the bus?
    A: No, food and drink will not be allowed on the bus.

    Q:  Can my child sit anywhere they want on the bus?
    A:  Typically, Elementary encourage the younger children to sit towards the front and the older children towards the rear of the bus.  Remember, the bus is a privilege, not a right.  If inappropriate behavior occurs on the bus, an assigned seat may be given or bus privileges could be lost.

    Q: My child’s bus stop is Middle School or Sheckler.  Where is the pickup and drop off for these locations?
    A: Middle School pick up and drop off location is the small parking lot near the Tech Ed room and music rooms at the Middle School.  This is the small lot closest to Bridge St.  Sheckler location is under the roof directly in front of Sheckler.

    Q: Why is the MS or Elementary school the pick up or drop off location?
    A: CASD uses the MS and Elementary schools as hubs for pick ups and drop offs for any student 5th grade and higher.  Exceptions occur when there is a younger (4th grader or younger)  student on that vehicle and  that person’s stop would be used as a hub.  It is possible too that one stop (am or pm) could be closer to the home while using a younger student’s stop but the other stop may not if that younger student is not on the vehicle for that trip.  Pick up and drop off locations at the schools are listed above.

    Q: I moved and why hasn’t my stop changed?
    A: If you are moving, you must set up an appointment with Admin to make the changes.  After Admin receives the paperwork and approves it, a new bus stop may take up to 2 days to occur.  Bus stops will not change without the address change made with Admin.

    Q:  Can my child use a cell phone or electronic device on the bus or van?

    A:  We ask that middle school and High School students ask permission from driver and if permission is given, headphones or earbuds MUST be worn.  No phone calls should be made.  No videoing of other students.  Elementary students should not use these devices unless permission is given from driver or if there is an aide on the vehicle.