• We ask that students and parents review the following information related to our Transportation Service.

    Inclement Weather Information – Non-Public / Charter Transportation

    There are many considerations that affect decisions, especially during inclement weather.  We are confident that every parent fully understands that it is our duty to provide reasonable transportation in accordance with school district policy, applicable laws and regulations.  To that end, we must make decisions that provide the highest level of quality, and most amount of safety for ALL students while working within these parameters.

    The decision to close or delay school requires a coordinated effort between the Transportation Department, the Superintendent and surrounding school districts.  When bad weather is forecasted, we are out surveying road conditions throughout the district.  Based on these first hand observations of road conditions a recommendation is made to the school district to delay and/or close school.  These determinations are typically made by approximately 5:30 A.M.  Notification to local radio and television stations are reported to alert the district residents.

     Inclement weather brings many challenges to our transportation services.  Please note the following situations that may affect your student’s transportation arrangements:

    • For school delays/closure status & related announcements, please tune into local television & radio stations or the posting on the district’s website (www.cattysd.org)
    • All non-public students should follow the Catasauqua Area School District’s delay/closure information as it relates to transportation provided for all residents of our district.                                            

    For early dismissals, all non-public schools (elementary and secondary) should follow CASD’s secondary dismissal time.  We will notify each individual non-public school as to the time we will pick up their students for weather early dismissal days.

    If CASD is on a delay (1 or 2 hours), transportation will be provided to your student on the same hour delay, regardless of your school’s schedule.

    Likewise, if we do not have a delay and your school does, we will provide transportation according to CASD’s normal schedule.  Transportation cannot be provided to accommodate various delayed start times.

    If CASD is closed for the day due to inclement weather and your school is open, transportation will not be provided for the entire day (AM or PM) because it has been determined to be unsafe to travel on district roads.

    Please remember that when we decide to close the schools or delay the start-time, it is because we believe that weather and/or road conditions are currently or will become unsafe to transport students throughout our school district.

    David Cressman
    Catasauqua Transportation Department