Think First/School Wide Effective Behavior


    School Wide Behavior!




    Our teachers and staff believe that an orderly school climate is needed for good learning to take place. Good behavior is important to the educational process not only in the classroom, but also in the cafeteria, hallways, bathrooms, on the playground, during assemblies, and on field trips.

    The Sheckler staff expects our students to display positive social behaviors. Sheckler students will be reminded to:

    I will respect others.

    I will be responsible for me.

    I will cooperate with others.

    I will be kind to others.

    I will be honest with others and myself.

    I will always do my best.    

    It is expected that all students will learn these rules and the guidelines for their application in all school settings. Students will be recognized for positive behavior with both verbal and other rewards. 

    In the event a behavior is extreme, a referral will be made immediately to the principal.  The following are considered extreme behaviors:

         *Fighting/Physical Aggression


         *Habitual Misbehavior

         *Inappropriate Language

         *Unsafe Behavior