Poetry anne


    "In the long run, the sharpest weaopn of all is kind and gentle spirit"- Anne Frank


    This year in ELA we will explore many works of literature from our text book and other resources.  We will also explore formal and creative writing skills.  There will be 2 formal essays that will be accompanied by speeches that will give students the ability to brush up on their public speaking skills.  The topics we will cver this year, but are not limited to the followng:

    • Anne Frank and the Holocaust
    • Poetry
    • Figurative Language
    • Edgar Allan Poe
    • Tall Tales
    • Martin Luther King-" I have a Dream"

    Below are some links that will help you throughout the year:


    Webquest- Diary of Anne Frank


    Nearpod- I Have a Dream MLK

    Text for Black Cat and Tell Tale Heart