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    Great for studying... 

    • Spanish dictionary - information, online notes, online quizzes. 
    • Study Spanish - online notes and online practice quizzes.
    • Enlaces - This Canvas page has tons of resources for you to practice. You can also find this page in
      Canvas >> Spanish >>Modules.
    • Quizlet - This link takes you to all of the Spa 1 Quizlets. There's a Quizlet for everything we learn.
    • Quizizz - Full chapter reviews and verb practice. Search EstradaLes or ask me for game codes to play!
    • YouTube has some great resources to help you review, check these videos out if you need extra help!

    Click on Español I or Español 2 in the Navigation Bar for specific Quizlet sets and information.

  • Course Description
    Elective 9-12

    Spanish I will provide students with a general introduction to the Spanish language, and Spanish & Latin American culture. Students will practice listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish as they learn vocabulary dealing with school and everyday life. By the end of this course, students will have gained the ability to carry on a simple conversation.

    Spanish II builds upon the knowledge gained in Spanish I. This course will also reinforce listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. We will focus more on pronunciation, culture, and the past tense.

    Required Materials:

    1. A 3-prong folder with lined paper
    2. Pencils
    3. Digital/Paper Notes (Provided)
    4. School-issued iPad (Provided)

    Classroom Rules:

    • In-Person: Be in your assigned seat and ready to start class when the bell rings. If you are late, come with a pass from the staff member that you were with.
    • Virtual: Please log in to the assigned Google Meet at the specified time and be ready to start class.
    • In-Person & Virtual:
      • Come prepared to class with your iPad, notebook, and writing utensil.
      • Respect yourself and others at all times. This includes online interactions.
      • Stay on task at all times.
      • Work to the best of your ability to get the most out of your learning experience.
      • Ask questions!

     Classroom Routines

    • It is my hope to keep the class as interactive as possible while also following safety procedures. Please be prepared to participate during class both in-person and virtually.
    • If at any time you have questions or a problem with technology, please raise your hand to ask your question (in-person) or message me through Google Meet or email me at estradaL@cattysd.org (virtual). I will do my best to ensure all students are supported.
    • Please make every effort to attend class and complete any and all assignments given. Reach out to Señorita Estrada if extra help or clarification is needed.


    • I will update items on Canvas daily with what was assigned for homework. If for some reason the assignment is not uploaded, please e-mail me or get in contact with another student in your class.
    • If missed work is not made up in a timely manner, the student will not receive credit for missed assignments and/or assessments. 

     *Both the online and traditional learning plans for 2020-2021 will be followed. Please reference these plans at www.cattysd.org for specific details.

    Extra Help

    If at any time during the year you have questions, concerns, or need extra help do not hesitate to ask me. It is your responsibility to reach out, schedule time for extra help, etc.

    Grading Policy

    40%- Projects & Presentations

    35%- Tests & Quizzes

    25%- Classroom Participation / Homework

     * Students and Parents/Guardians may keep track of grades on PowerSchool. Grades will be updated on a regular basis for students and parents/guardians to see. (Grades on the Canvas site may not always be accurate, so please do not go by that.)