Great resources... 

    • Parts of the camera PDF here
    • Quizlet - This link takes you to my TV Production Quizlets.
    • YouTube has some great resources, don't be afraid to look up tutorials.

    Building Emergency:
    In case of a building emergency, please
    go into the closest classroom and email Ms. Estrada (or msg on Remind/Band). You should have your student ID with you at all times so you can show the teacher you’re with that you were in the halls filming for my class.

    When out filming:

    • Be respectful of others & follow all school rules (refer to CHS handbook)
    • Take your storyboard with you
    • USE A TRIPOD, microphone, and all other necessary equipment
    • Film more than required so that you have more options/ more material to edit
    • Think of the reflection questions you, and your group members will be completing for this assignment.
      **Remember groups of 4 or less may work together, but all reflections are individual.**

    Classroom Rules

    1. Be in your assigned seat and ready to start class when the bell rings. If you are late, come with a pass from the staff member that you were with.
    2. Come prepared -this includes a charged iPad, storyboards, pencil/pen, erasers, etc.
    3. Respect yourself and others at all times.
    4. Stay on task at all times. Work to the best of your ability to get the most out of your learning experience.
    5. Raise your hand to speak.

     Classroom Routines

    1. Everyone should be in their assigned seats when the bell rings for attendance.
    2. iPads / cameras / equipment must be ready for class. All other work should be closed prior to the beginning of class.
    3. Equipment should be properly signed in/out and put away prior to the end of class.
    4. Ask permission to go to the bathroom, the nurse, out to record, etc. There will be times when you will be out recording the whole mod make sure your group has a pass.
    5. Take care of the equipment. If you see something is damaged or you accidentally broke something please let Miss Estrada know right away.


    *Note: All school-wide and district policies are followed as stated in the CHS student/parent handbook.

    It is your responsibility to make up the work that you have missed. You may ask a classmate to find out what you missed, but make sure to always check Canvas.

    • I will update Canvas daily with the assigned homework. If for some reason it is not updated, please e-mail me or get in contact with another student in your class. You will not be excused from doing the work simply because Canvas is not updated.
    • All students who have excused absences will be given the number of days they were absent to make up the work they missed unless specified otherwise. If the work is graded before the student has had time to make it up, it will be put into Powerschool as a 0- missing until the assignment is made up and can be graded.
    • An unexcused absence will result in a 0 for any homework, assessment, or project given on that day.

    Extra Help
    Please contact me to set up a date and time to meet.
    * Students and Parents/Guardians may keep track of grades on PowerSchool. Grades will be updated on a regular basis for students and parents/guardians to see. (Grades on the Canvas site may not always be accurate, so please do not go by that.)