8th Grade Math Period 1 & 3

  • I am very excited to be teaching 8th grade math this year. In this class, we will be focusing on the following topics: 


    Intersecting Lines and Angles

    Introduction to Functions 

    Linear Relationships 

    Linear Systems 

    Bivariate Data

    Volumes of Solid Figures 

8th Grade English Period 4 & 5

  • This year in English we will be focused on: 


    Different Writing Forms: Persuasive Writing ect. 



    Reading & Comprehending Stories 

8th Grade History Period 6

  • This year we will be foucsing on American History, we will be learning about: 





    Important Battles 

8th Grade Science Period 7

  • This year we will be focusing on the following topics: 


    Plants: The Vascular System 

    Plant Reproduction and Growth 

    Variation of Traits 


    Diversity of Life