• During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are learning a lot of new things - about the world and about ourselves.  Please be sure to use reputable resources for accurate information.  I have included some links to my favorite resources as well as some resources that you might need to navigate the new world of eLearning at CASD.  I hope you are staying well and healthy.  


    • CMS Guidance - Go to this link for resources about how to meet with the counselors along with some resources for accessing mental health care.


    • Mrs. Keffer's website - Go to this link for resources for mental health care as well as special education needs. 


    • Resilient Lehigh Valley - Go to this site for information about mindfulness and social emotional learning.  There are resources for parents, students and educators. 


    • CASD COVID-19 Information page - Go to this link for the most up-to-date information about what's happening in our school district including information about eLearning and meal pick-up.


    • CASD Tech Support - having trouble with your e-device?  Is it related to school?  Check this site for tech support. 



    • Canvas Support - for CHS - support with issues with Canvas can be found here.


    Resources for information about COVID-19:

    • Centers for Disease Control - The CDC is based in Atlanta, Georgia but is a national agency.  Lots of information - not only related to COVID-19 - including fact sheets, posters and articles can be found here. 
    • National Institutes of Health - The NIH is based in Bethesda, Maryland - also a national agency.  The NIH is doing some very cutting-edge research related to many health issues - not only related to COVID-19.  
    • Pennsylvania Department of Health - The PA DOH has information specific to our state.  Each state has its own department of health which falls under state government.  Dr. Rachel Levine is the Secretary of Health in Pennsylvania.  
    • Emergency Management Agencies - you can find more information from the PEMA (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) as well as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the Lehigh County Emergency Management Agency
    • Allergy & Asthma Network - you can find information and presentations regarding issues related to Allergies & Asthma on their website.  Please see this Distinguishing the Difference: COVID 19 vs. Allergies vs. the Flu infographic.
    • Johns Hopkins COVID Resources - Johns Hopkins University has created a resource center related to this COVID-19 pandemic.  


    As of Friday, April 3, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf and Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine are encouraging all Pennsylvanians to wear masks when in public.  The goal is to essentially cover your nose and mouth.  There are a variety of patterns on the internet and YouTube.  Whatever pattern you choose, please be safe and stay healthy.  Remember that YOU MATTER!