• Welcome!

    I'm very excited to have you as a student. Below you will find some general classroom information such as grading policies, classroom expectations, and my contact information. Please make sure to check Google Classroom regularly for important dates, assignments, and class announcements.  I look forward to getting to know you and working with you throughout the school year!

  • Grading Policies

    This year I will use a point based system for grading in all of my classes. Assignments will be weighted based on the determined number of points. Assignments such as tests, quizzes and projects will be worth a larger number of points, and smaller assignments such as classwork and homework will be worth fewer points.

  • Google Classroom

    • 8th Grade Math - Period 1 & 3
    • Science - Period 4
    • Science - Period 5
    • Algebra - Period 6 & 7

  • Contact Information

    Email: gutaij@cattysd.org

    Phone: (610) 264-4341 ext 12112

    If any questions or concerns arise please feel free to contact me via phone or email